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Your Awareness leads to Power over your Health

How consistently self aware you are is a cornerstone to your health.  Our culture’s philosophy around health doesn’t help us.  All to commonly we have a attitude of “pushing through the pain.”  If not by force of will, then by pills, and if not by legal drugs, too often by the illegal kind. This contrasts […]

Heroes are Still among US.

In October 2015 a unit of American Army Rangers, working along side fellow Iraqi soldiers, rescued 75 Kurdish people held hostage by ISIS terrorists.  The terrorists were on the verge of killing all the unarmed people held captive, when the soldiers arrived. This man; Army Sgt. Maj. Thomas Payne, with a wife and child at […]

Schedule Change Survey

We’re considering making a small change to our schedule.  We think the changes might be more convenient for you but I’d like to make sure before we do change them. Will you please take this survey and let me know what you think.  You’ll see what options we’re considering when you take the survey.   […]

Why Fathers Should Roughhouse

“Mothers stroke and Fathers poke.”  T. Berry Brazelton MD   A father’s roughhousing play can have interrelated benefits for a child’s body, brain, emotions and social life.  The first sensation a baby develops in womb is the sense of body position.  It’s called proprioception, and as long as you’re not off in space somewhere, gravity […]

Home Birth, Empowering patients, Building Trust.

Dr. Aaron Rossi gave an online talk to a student group at Life University.  The group is the student chapter of the International Chiropractors Pediatric Association, a group dedicated to improving, training and researching chiropractic care for children and families.   See the YouTube video here.

Getting the Most from your Chiropractic Care

On March 26th 2020 I gave a talk about chiropractic care.  How to get the most from it, and how it influences the brain.  When someone gets a chiropractic adjustment it alters the activation levels of the brain.  Some parts of the brain, specifically areas involved in higher thinking, become more active.  Other areas of […]

Covid-19 and our precautions

With all of the closings country-wide related to COVID-19, we want to let our patients know we are OPEN and have taken precautionary steps to protect you and our staff.   You’ll be able to wait and be seen with social distancing from other patients. Your contact with all surfaces will be kept to a […]

Advantages of Stress

If your life consistently includes stressful people and circumstances and you have not yet mastered how to thrive because of your stress, watch this class on youtube.  What if it were possible to actually use your stress to improve your life?  Actually improve your life because of your stress?  It is possible, this class will show […]

Immune System; Peaceful and Strong

What follows below is a small excerpt from the class held in our office on Feb 6th 2020.       In regard to fevers, we all know that your body is heating up to fight off something, but why does it heat up? What does that do exactly? Your amazing brain has miles of […]

Spinal Durability

Do you want to learn how to improve the durability in your spine?  Do you know what you’re doing every day that makes your spine more fragile? Everything you do is intertwined to create how you feel.  What you’re physically doing and not doing matters.  What you eat, when you eat, how much you eat […]