Dr. Aaron Rossi

Working with people at our office, always as precise, specific and gentle as I can.

Dr Aaron Rossi is a 3rd generation chiropractor whose life reflects the diligent application of the practice, principles and philosophy of chiropractic as a lifestyle that he calls “Life Affirming Empowerment.” Dr. Rossi’s passion is twofold: first, delivering excellent chiropractic care to his patients and second, educating others so they can experience a heightened level of health, happiness and well being.

In 2004, Dr. Rossi received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University, where he was elected student body president and under his leadership was able to unite the student body during the most challenging time in the school’s history.

Raised in a home in which both parents were chiropractors and created an extremely healthy and drug-free environment for him, He was routinely exposed to the brightest minds in chiropractic and natural health care, and was inspired by them.

Throughout childhood and in school, while participating in soccer, wrestling, track and cross country, and now in professional and married life, Dr. Rossi experiences excellent health and wellbeing; and his passion for chiropractic has never wavered.

His hope is that during his lifetime many more people will come to understand and take advantage of the full potential of regular chiropractic care, not just to relieve pain, but to support peak performance and optimum wellbeing. “Chiropractic is a spiritual thing to me,” Dr. Rossi states. “When I adjust someone, I’m helping them connect to themselves and to God. When I adjust someone, I picture light going through them.”

Dr. Rossi is married to Brigitte, a chiropractor and fellow graduate of Life University, and together they have established a healthy, drug-free environment for their family. They are the parents of four children, all of whom were born at their home.