First Visit


On your first visit you’ll fill out some brief information on yourself, and then you and I will begin to talk. We’ll discuss why you’ve come, how any problems you might be having are affecting you, and what might be causing them. If you have any questions, they will all be answered.

I’ll then explain what kind of an exam we will do, and why we’re doing it. All of which is based specifically on you and what you’re dealing with. Often our exam consists of different kinds of neurological tests. I’ll explain them before we do any, and you’ll know what to expect each time. They are not painful and no change of clothing will be necessary, everything can be done in normal street clothes. Then I’ll do a detailed spinal exam. You’ll be seated while I carefully and very precisely feel each bone of your spine. Each bone of the spine has certain kinds of movement and should be in a particular position, I’ll determine that by feeling and following each spinal bone. It’s quite comfortable, careful and gentle. I’ll explain what I find as we go.