In today’s world of insurance, things become very muddy. Therefore, Rossi Chiropractic Center has decided to operate without the controls of insurance demands by not accepting insurance programs. Our interaction is only between you and our doctors. If you give us the chance, we can show you how that can be to your benefit.

Without health insurance – your experience here will be less complex, less time consuming, more reliable, AND most often more affordable.  Here’s why.

  • Insurance Is More Complex

    When utilizing health insurance, you’ll have to consider what your deductible is, what your family deductible is, if your provider is in-network or out-of-network and if your insurance offers out of network benefits. Then, there is your co-pay or patient percent to cover, plus there is a variable limit to how many visits the insurance will pay for. In addition, insurance will cover certain standard services and will not cover other standard services inside the same visit. Every detail plus many others, are subject to change every year or even less.

  • We Are Less Complex

    When you pay for care here, there is none of that. No multiple repeating circular variables.

  • Insurance Is More Time Consuming

    Have you ever been to a health care provider; the dentist, hospital or chiropractor, etc., and filled out forms? Then filled out other forms asking the same questions, many other times? Then needed to set aside extra time, either at an office or at home on the phone to understand what your health insurance covers, or requesting of your health insurance company to cover certain services? Or even waited on hold, going from person to person trying to get answers to your questions?

  • We Save You Time

    When coming here, there’s none of that either. We spend the time to talk with you directly, while forms are kept brief and you won’t ever have to repeat form information. As well as any questions you have will be answered immediately by us, mostly because there is no complexity in the process.

  • Insurance Is Less Reliable

    Have you ever heard of someone going to a doctor and being assured by the doctor’s staff that what was done was covered by their insurance? Then they receive a tons of calls from the staff saying the insurance company changed what they are going to cover after the fact? So even though you might choose to get care only on part of it based on what it costs, that cost can increase without warning many weeks or even months later, leaving a debt in your name with your doctor.

  • We Are More Reliable

    Absolutely not here. If we say how much our service costs, that’s how much it costs. Period. I’ve seen the above example many times and I find that outrageous.

  • Insurance Is Less Affordable

    Typical copays range from $25 -$55 with most costing about $30. Insurance will only allow a limited number of visits, typically 5 – 12 visits per year. Often a health insurance company will say they will cover more visits but they will hire a subcontracting company to find reasons not to pay for future care for you.

  • We Are Affordable

    We offer family plans, couple plans, monthly plans, all of which will place your average price per visit below any of those copay prices listed above.