Dr. Brigitte Rossi

Being of service with all the focused and loving care I can.

Brigitte Rossi is a French-Canadian second-generation chiropractor, where both parents are chiropractors, as well as her three brothers, and one sister in law plus many extended family members.

Brigitte is a woman of uncommon industrious energy and commitment.  She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 2005, graduating with honors, all while having her first child when still in college.  She has additional post-graduate certification for the care of pregnant mothers and babies through the ICPA.  The level of comfort and skill she has around early motherhood is rare.  Brigitte birthed all her children at home and has been a doula for many other women.

Her large tight knit family group, comprised of more than 30 family chiropractors, were leaders to the larger community around them. The way in which they lead so many people towards natural solutions in health and to cultivate their own health strength made a significant impression on her.

Brigitte Rossi has strengths in relating to people and finding common ground.  When she learns about a person and their health goals she takes on the responsibility to connect that person with the best tools to reach that goal.  Whether through chiropractic care, specific highest quality essential oils, right nourishment, social support, body movement, education and many others.  She brings a loving stable consistency to help you achieve the health you want.

Brigitte Rossi DC is available by appointment.