He doesn't like spinach, but it sure makes him stronger.

Advantages of Stress

If your life consistently includes stressful people and circumstances and you have not yet mastered how to thrive because of your stress, watch this class on youtube.  What if it were possible to actually use your stress to improve your life?  Actually improve your life because of your stress?  It is possible, this class will show you.

…A few days after my sweet daughter broke her leg she was still suffering a lot of emotional distress, crying often about it.  It was then that I told her a piece of true information about how bones heal after they are broken and that made her smile.  Yes a child actually smiled about her broken leg.  That information adjusted how she saw the injury and how she internally felt about it and her body.  Just a tweak of perspective led to power…

Click here to watch the recording of the class.


I have a great many resources I draw upon to make the classes I teach.  Here is my tribute to some of the authors I used as references.

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