Getting the Most from your Chiropractic Care

On March 26th 2020 I gave a talk about chiropractic care.  How to get the most from it, and how it influences the brain.  When someone gets a chiropractic adjustment it alters the activation levels of the brain.  Some parts of the brain, specifically areas involved in higher thinking, become more active.  Other areas of the brain involved in the stress response calm down and become less active.  Overall there are many kinds of positive body and brain effects from getting a chiropractic adjustment.


However, a chiropractic adjustment is not the only way to achieve those same positive effects on the brain and body.  The link below is the video to my lecture on various ways you can create similar positive health effects on your own, through your behavior.  In essence, how to improve your own health through DIY means, and almost create a quasi-adjustment like effect.


I want you to be healthy, AND feel effective and powerful about your health.  This is my contribution to you.


Click here for the YouTube video.


Aaron Rossi DC

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