Emotional Resilience and Growth

December 4th 2019, I held a class in my office titled Emotional Resilience and Growth.  In essence, how to encourage emotional healing and become a little happier.  The 5 categories of action a gave detail on in the class are:

1) Movement – particular body movements and specific postures directly influence your mind, emotions and hormone profile.

2) Food – Your gut health and body wide inflammation have an enormous influence on your emotions, and in turn are, of course are primarily determined by your food choices.

3) Brain Health – Sleep, Chiropractic care and making changes to habitual patterns of behavior and thinking all do wonders for your emotions.

4) Thinking – Finding meaning in your challenges and to be deliberately selective in the interpretation of your life events is key.

5) Social – Maintaining friendships and being willing to be vulnerable to those that earn that privileged from you, and the practice of kindness and compassion are fundamental to your own emotional resilience and growth.

I actually have it recorded and posted!  Technology comes for us all eventually.  You can enjoy the riveting video here:

For this class I drew from the work of many excellent authors.  In thanks I’d like to mention:

Brené Brown – Daring Greatly  Nassim Taleb – Antifragile    Carol Dweck – Mindset

Martin Seligman – Flourish  Katy Bowman – Move your DNA  Charles Duhigg – Power of Habit

Shawn Achor – Happiness Advantage   Kelly McGonigal – Upside of Stress

Anders Ericsson – Peak   John Raty – Spark   Lisa Barrett – How Emotions are Made 

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