Covid-19 and our precautions

With all of the closings country-wide related to COVID-19, we want to let our patients know we are OPEN and have taken precautionary steps to protect you and our staff.


You’ll be able to wait and be seen with social distancing from other patients.

Your contact with all surfaces will be kept to a minimum.

Any necessary contact surfaces will be cleansed between each person.

The air is constantly cleansed and disinfected.


According to the State of Georgia and the US Federal Government; Chiropractic Care is “Essential Healthcare”(1).  And although Georgia is now under an Executive Order, Georgia residence and visitors are permitted to travel for their essential healthcare (2).

If you have other concerns and questions we will address them all.  Just call us (770) 955-1100 or come in.


  1. Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce: Ensuring Community and National Resilience in COVID-19 Response.  Version 2.0  March 28th 2020.  Page 3, Section “Healthcare / Public Health,” Paragraph 2.
  2. Executive Order Effective April 3rd 2020, Page 3, Paragraph 2, Item 2.
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