Spinal Durability

Do you want to learn how to improve the durability in your spine?  Do you know what you’re doing every day that makes your spine more fragile?

Everything you do is intertwined to create how you feel.  What you’re physically doing and not doing matters.  What you eat, when you eat, how much you eat matters.  How you feel and what you’re thinking,, even how you feel about how you feel, all matters.

I can guide you through this.  My talk on this subject is available here https://youtu.be/jLjx8jZJAz0.  Enjoy.

Dr. Rossi dishing out wisdom…

It’s recorded in my office.  If you don’t care for the sound or video quality,, come in person!  It doesn’t get more HD than that.


Inspired by the theme of this class, here’s a question for you:

Which of these trees has a shorter life expectancy?  The tree that’s leaning, lets call it slouching,  or the straighter one?

overworked! bent tree  Optimally working straight tree

Which tree must work harder against gravity every moment it’s alive?  And if it works harder against gravity all the time, will it have less energy to resist disease and less energy to recovery from injury?


I’ll give you a hint…  As your chiropractor – my sole professional purpose is to help you improve your life and well being, and I do that primarily through the care of your spine…  Am I trying to make your spine more aligned or more slouched?


If you don’t know the answer, come in! I’ve failed you, and I owe you an apology.

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