The Master Cleanse – it is for you

The Master Cleanse – it is for you?

The Master Cleanse – it is for you

I’ve recently finished doing the master cleanse. I chose to do this cleanse over others, for the mere fact of inspiration and ease of having the ingredients necessary at the last minute.

In the past years I’ve had to deal with mold in my home and due to this, my allergy symptoms were constant and extreme, and my quality of life was diminished greatly. I did a couple liver cleanses which helped greatly and now that I’ve moved out of that mold house, I wanted to do another cleanse to clean my system and reset my gut for even greater health.

I was introduced to the master cleanse many years ago, yet never did it as I wasn’t a big fan of the sugar intake in the cleanse. But here I was, ready, willing and able to do a cleanse. The time was now! And I didn’t want to do the liver cleanse again, as the taste of the epsom salts was still too close in memory, and other cleanses I wanted to do required me ordering certain supplements that I didn’t want to wait for, so here it goes! The Master cleanse was it. I was committed to cleansing out the layers of my gut for the next 10 days or more if necessary to clear my system.

My experience was very much the same and yet very different than what I expected.

As I’ve done some cleanses before, I was expecting, the hunger, the possible symptoms and cravings, as well as lack of energy. Yet my experience was different.

I drank my “shitting” tea at night and had my lemonade drink throughout the day and was surprised that I wasn’t hungry. Of course the most difficult part of this was that I am a mother of 4( 3 of which I homeschool), and spend much of my day in the kitchen preparing foods. My habit was to pick at food as I prepared it, and so it took alot of will power to hold back those fingers. I made sure to schedule a lighter load of activities that week, but when taking care of others, I couldn’t necessarily take a nap when needed, or rest much. With most cleanses (including this one), resting is truly important, and yet this time, I didn’t have that need. Anytime I felt hungry, I made myself a Master Cleanse lemonade and did well. The biggest difficulty or craving was the habit of eating, NOT the hunger or specific food itself for me. The habit was the hardest thing to break. Anytime I was near the kitchen I wanted to turn towards it to prep some food to eat, and I had to remind myself that I wasn’t hungry and that I wasn’t eating, and simply drank water instead.

On day 3 I experienced the presence of the famous “white tongue” that they talk about and was interested to watch it develop and clear. I experienced extreme coldness. Nothing I did got me to warm up. I wore slippers, sweaters, blankets and even turned up the temperature in my home a little and still I would be cold. This made the 10 days feel long and for this reason, if I decide to do this again, it will be in the summertime 🙂

What I didn’t realize till I actually started the cleanse, as I didn’t read as thoroughly as I should have through the protocol, was the salt flushes! What!!! The whole reason I chose this cleanse was to avoid the salt drink, and here I was face to face with it again – and for 10 days!! I took this as a time to overcome my sentiments about it and a sign that I was now strong enough to do it.

One of the differences with the Master Cleanse vs other cleanses, is that this cleanse does not give your bowels a break. Most cleanses, are giving your bowels a break, by juicing, or avoiding hard to digest foods etc. With the master cleanse, I drank my “shitting tea” at night which would irritate the bowels and strip yet another layer off the gut every day. Then, in the morning, I would flush it all out with the salt water. Although the salt water wasn’t pleasant I realized it’s importance, as it truly would help flush things out. On day 7 I experienced allergy symptoms, even though I wasn’t exposed to anything, and I feel that I was removing the layer and memory in my gut of my allergies, and I haven’t experienced any allergy symptoms since!!

As I just mentioned, and with the brain-gut connection, our gut holds memories and layers of our past. With this cleanse I was able to remove a new layer every day and clear out the past. That felt great!!

When I reached day 10 with a mostly pink tongue (yes, I could’ve gone longer till it was ALL pink), I felt good. For me, it showed me that all the work I’ve done in my life for clean, healthy eating, and cleansing had paid off and that I was doing a good job. I know many who have done it and still have a pink tongue at the end of 10 days, so I loved that mine was mostly pink. This is not to say that if you do the master cleanse and your tongue is still white, that you have done wrong. Just the opposite. It means you are doing good, and your body really needs you to pay attention. That every time you do a cleanse, or eat healthy, or clear past emotions or anything else, that your body thanks you. It’s just another layer…

We must listen to the signs our body is giving us and allow ourselves to be guided. I was guided to do this cleanse in many ways, and I’m so happy I did it.

Will I do it again? Maybe. Do I recommend it to my practice members? I may, it all depends on each individual’s situation and what they need.

If you feel the inspiration to try it out, then I support you. Shed the layers. Shed the past that is clinging to you. Be a greater YOU!

Please share your experiences in the comments and for more information on the cleanse itself, go here.

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