Toxic Load: Why Does It Matter?


Did you know that your overall toxic load will affect your wellbeing? 

A toxic load is a build up of chemicals and toxins from when we use unnatural substances that our body can’t break down, doesn’t  recognize, or doesn’t know how to work with them. Therefore these toxic substances remain in our body and affect the way our systems function. 

Toxins negatively impact our organs, damage the communication in our body and inhibit hormones. This decreases our body’s natural ability to naturally cleanse and simply keeps getting more and more toxic over time. 

As our toxic load increases, our body functions decrease and slow down leading to more ailments and more illnesses. 

From food, environment, lifestyle, water, products, cleaning products, sweeteners, skincare, parabens, pesticides, and heavy metals, our exposure is only increasing unless we start making conscious choices to do better. 

The way to improve your toxic load is from the inside out. Pay attention to what you consume and use.  Eat a healthy diet, cleanse often, read your ingredient labels and only use CPTG essential oils that your body can recognize and breakdown. 

Do you need help deciphering the ingredient labels or nutritional facts from your products? No worries. We are here to help. Dr. Brigitte Rossi has over 2 decades of experience reading labels and teaching others how to do the same. 


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